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It's time to discover all the finalists for the 2024 edition of the European Digital Skills Awards!

With 267 applications received across five categories, EDSA24 highlights the amazing work of many organizations across Europe to improve digital skills for everyone. From teaching basic digital skills to tackling digital upskilling in all job sectors and education, to promoting a more inclusive digital future and increasing women's representation in the digital world, the projects submitted for EDSA24 are working together to help Europeans get in "digital shape." And they are succeeding!

The European Commission and the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform's team, selected the 25 finalists, it is now in the hands of the Jury members to choose the winners! Aiga Irmeja, Anu Passi-Rauste, Esther Murphy, Mads Ronald Dahl, and Andrei Kelemen have now the difficult task of choosing the winning projects for the 2024 edition of the European Digital Skills Áwards!

Without further ado, we would like to announce the finalists of the EDSA24:

Cybersecurity Skills:

Women in ICT Careers:

Digital Upskilling @ Work:

Inclusion in the Digital World:

Digital Skills for Education:

Want to know more about the finalist projects and discover the winners? You can follow @DigitalSkillsEU on Facebook and Twitter: we will be showcasing the finalist projects during the month of June!

 The winners will be announced officially on 4 July!

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