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CloudCamp4SMEs, an EU-funded initiative, helps medium-sized businesses in the EU with digital transformation by offering affordable, high-quality training in Cloud Technologies. Developed by industry leaders like AWS and Adecco, it aims to upskill SMEs in high-demand digital skills. Now available on OnePass, it offers intermediate pathways like the 

Tailored for business owners, executives, and IT leaders, this pathway equips participants with Cloud strategy expertise and tech integration insights. Completing the course enables them to attain the coveted AWS Cloud Essentials certification, empowering them to steer their SMEs towards digital excellence.

Enroll now and become the digital pioneer your team needs!

Check on their latest pathways to discover the benefits, strategic integration, and cost-saving strategies that will shape your company's digital future. Unlock the power of the Cloud and gain the expertise to guide your SME to properly transform digitally.

Co-funded by the Europan Commission, upskill in Cloud at a great discount.

These types of courses, normally cost around ~3000€ but thanks to EU co-funding, it is offered on OnePass for just 290€, a unique opportunity to upskill in a technology that is proven to improve business performance and development as well as a trampoline for SMEs employees to boost their professional career.

Champion the digital revolution in your company by certifying your knowledge of AWS Cloud Essentials for Business Leaders with CloudCamp4SMEs.

Learn to:

  • Articulate Cloud benefits and integration strategies.
  • Develop and initiate Cloud adoption and deployment.
  • Make critical decisions and assess Cloud migration needs.
  • Prioritize security, competencies, and cost-saving plans.

The entry pathways for intermediate digital leaders and the start to more advanced pathways for High-Skilled SME Employees will be launched soon.

Discover more about the CloudCamp4SMEs' opportunities.

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