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LEADS - Leading Europe's Advanced Digital Skills


LEADS is an integral of the Digital Europe Programme.  The mission of the project is to provide valuable insights into the evolving landscape of Advanced Digital Skills (ADS) demands within a rapidly changing technological environment and the ongoing digital transformation. By doing so, LEADS aims to empower education and training communities by offering comprehensive roadmaps and guidelines.

At the core of the project there is the importance of aligning interventions related to advanced digital skills with the existing gaps in the market. To achieve this, the project works hand-in-hand with industries to facilitate the adoption of training initiatives that focus on reskilling and upskilling the workforce and communities.

The activities encompass a wide range of strategies, all aimed at ensuring that individuals and organisations can effectively navigate the digital realm and meet the demands of today's rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Join LEADS on this exciting journey to bridge the gap between digital skills and real-world requirements and to pave the way towards a digitally empowered future.


LeADS will operate in three pivotal domains, namely Knowledge Generation, Ecosystem Engagement, and Communication and Recruitment. Within these areas, LEADS will cultivate essential knowledge and valuable insights that will be transformed into actionable measures and guidance. This transformation will be facilitated through active engagement with the broader education and training community, as well as the specialized cohort of projects associated with LEADS.


The LEADS consortium consists of 9 partners, that together will activate existing networks and initiatives to amplify the project's actions. The LEADS consortium brings together leading organisations uniquely placed at the interface of the ADS ecosystem from the technology developers, demand generators and education and training providers. It combines the organisations with the knowledge and the networks to achieve this ambitious target within 18 months of delivery and ensure that the results and outcomes are relevant, fit-for-purpose and built upon the existing body of knowledge.

  1. Bluspecs
  2. Martel Innovate
  3. IDC
  4. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
  5. AIOTI
  6. BDVA
  7. Trinity College Dublin
  8. University of Southern Denmark
  9. Maggioli

Coordinator: Brendan Rowan