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The initiative on Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVE) supports a bottom-up approach to Vocational Excellence involving a wide range of local stakeholders. It enables VET institutions to rapidly adapt skills provision to evolving economic and social needs, including the digital and green transitions.

This action supports the gradual establishment and development of international collaborative networks of Centres of Vocational Excellence, contributing to creating skills ecosystems for innovation, regional development, and social inclusion. Centres of Vocational Excellence will operate at two levels:

1. At national level 

2. At international level

The networks aim for "upward convergence" of VET excellence. They will be open for the involvement of countries with well-developed vocational excellence systems, as well as those in the process of developing similar approaches, aimed at exploring the full potential of VET institutions to play a proactive role in support of growth and innovation.

Opportunity Details

Target audience
Digital skills for the labour force.
Digital skills in education.
Digital skills for all
Digital skill level
Geographic scope - Country
Industry - field of education and training
Inter-disciplinary programmes and qualifications involving education
Geographical sphere
EU institutional initiative
Form of funding
Financing intermediary
European Commission