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Digital Transformation Programme

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The goal of the Digital Transformation Programme by ICT Skillnet Ireland is to support the reskilling of the workforce in Ireland, and at the same time prepare management-level employees, decision-makers and business executives and leaders for the digital transformation and navigate its landscape successfully. Consisting of 3 workshops, the programme aims to show participants how to leverage emerging technologies within business processes in order to remain competitive in the digital economy. 


One specific technology the programme focuses on is Artificial Intelligence, or AI, taking learners through the main questions in front of the digital transformation and equipping them with the skills they need to drive its process forward within their respective business contexts. The training consists of 3 workshops, and includes a 60-second digital maturity assessment tool at the very start, which aims to assess their digital economy knowledge and understanding on an organisational level. To move on to the next two workshops, participants need to complete workshop 1, which takes place over the course of several hours across of 3 days. 

Workshop 1: Understand AI for competitive advantage

In the first workshop, participants get to test the digital maturity self-assessment tool and assess their performance in the digital economy against the benchmark of other competitors. By the end of the workshop, they will gain an improved understanding of how well they are performing on a general level. Over the course of 3 hours, learners will also understand why AI is considered a gamechanger in technology and improve their understanding of AI's business impact. The workshop presents many case studies that focus on demystifying technology and equip business leaders with an understanding of AI and its link to business competitiveness. 

Workshop 2 - Make an AI and understand strategic fit 

Workshop 2 takes place over the course of half of a day (approximately 6 hours), where participants are introduced to machine learning models and how to build those from scratch, without necessarily having any technical knowledge. Each team shares the models with others in order to illustrate the importance of data and the different ways in which AI can influence strategic thinking and transform business planning processes. Finally, participants can also compare AI to other emerging technologies through examples and use cases to understand better the combination between various fields, and how they can work together to bring innovations across industries. 

Workshop 3 - How to build a strategy that leverages AI

During the third and final workshop, the programme digs in deeper into AI frameworks deployed in strategic planning, as well as the use of data-driven tools, which can assist participants with planning. By the end of the 6-hour workshop, learners will be able to discuss issues and challenges in the digital transformation area and build a list of next steps for their own company or organisation. 

More details 

The Digital Transformation Programme is open to private and commercial semi-state businesses, who will be contacted to provide proof of their eligibility. To take part in the programme, organisations can fill in an online form. 

Workshop 1, on AI for competitive advantage will take place on 2 July 2021. 

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