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Fundamentals of Quantum Information - MOOC

The 'Fundamentals of Quantum Information' MOOC, organised by TU Delft, provides a deeper understanding of some of the main topics around Quantum computing, namely, the representation and manipulation of quantum information at the level of abstract quantum circuits.

Quantum information is at the basis of the second quantum revolution. Quantum computing and quantum communication consist in the processing of quantum information, made of qubits. By enrolling in this course, you will learn how quantum computing is mathematically represented via quantum circuits and how to manipulate quantum entanglement with these circuits.

The course has a strong interactive component, which means that you will be able to bring your own experiences, insights and thoughts to discuss on the forum.

Details of the programme

By participating in this course you will learn how to:

  • Utilize quantum circuits to represent, manipulate, and measure single/multi-qubit quantum states
  • Create entanglement and use it to teleport quantum information
  • Compile quantum circuits to universal gate sets
  • Use electron spins to store quantum information in Quantum Inspire, QuTech quantum computing cloud-based platform
  • Understand quantum supremacy and NISQ devices

The MOOC work and interactions are 100% online. You will be able to study at the time and place that suits you, with 24/7 access to course material.

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