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Privacy Course

Single offer

Privacy is an online course by the Internet Society Learning, a global not-for-profit organisation, whose mission is to democratise the internet and encourage its safe and responsible use for everyone. The course deals with the notion of privacy - both an important right for any individual and society, but also an enabler of autonomy, dignity, and even freedom of expression. It aims to demystify the topic and support learners in arriving to a more common understanding of privacy.

Students receive a practical overview of information gathering in the digital age and a solid foundation to explore the themes the course touches upon further. Course topics explore the extent to which personal data can and should be shared with others and zooms onto the commercial value of data (currently priced higher than oil) to encourage learners to reflect on the various ways in which personal data is shared online every day. Students are also introduced to the concept behind Internet of Things (IoT) technology and the impact of increased data flows from more and more connected devices. Finally, the course outlines the different privacy challenges associated with information transfer and supports an improved understanding of ethical data collection (or the process of information-gathering according to a framework based on fairness, transparency, participation, accountability, and legitimacy). 

Privacy is fully online, free of charge and completely self-paced. Students can choose to complete the course's lessons at the time that suits them most and at their own pace, and upskill further. They can also communicate with one another via a discussion forum and reach out for support via a separate online chat.  

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Digital skills for the labour force.
Digital skills in education.
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Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) not further defined
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e-learning coursework
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Self-paced course