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EIT Digital is a European education and innovation organisation, launched within the overall framework of the European Institute of Technology (EIT) initiative with the aim of fostering innovation in digital technology and supporting entrepreneurial talent throughout Europe and beyond. EIT Digital launches actions, initiatives, events and upskilling programmes to support a more competitive business environment in Europe and contribute to ensuring global impact for European innovation. 

EIT Digital offers short training courses on all levels (from basic to advanced) via the Coursera learning platform, as well as more targeted specialisations in the form of masters programmes in emerging technologies through the EIT Digital Master School. The organisation has established partnerships with more than 20 technical universities in Europe in order to deliver relevant learning content and bring an innovative mindset to education and learning in all contexts. The organisation targets citizens throughout the EU member states, of all ages with a special focus on people, interested in embarking on a career path in technology, students and graduates, and organisations and professionals in the information and communication technology (ICT) sector, who want to upskill further and update their knowledge. 

Organisation Details

National coalition member
Organisation category
Public-private partnership
Policy maker
Target audience
Digital skills for the labour force.
Digital skills for ICT professionals and other digital experts.
Digital skills in education.
Digital skills for all
Geographic scope - Country
Industry - field of education and training
Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) not further defined
Software and applications development and analysis