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National Coalitions

The Portugal Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition, coordinated by the INCoDe.2030 Program, was established in 2015 as a response to the European Commission's challenge to address the lack of digital skills in Portugal and foster greater employability in this sector. The Coalition was relaunched at the beginning of 2021 and currently brings together 37 entities, from various government actors and public institutions, to a variety of public and private entities, associations, companies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), university centres, and industry confederations.

    National coalition details

    Target audience
    Digital skills for the labour force.
    Digital skills for ICT professionals and other digital experts.
    Digital skills in education.
    Digital skills for all
    Geographic scope - Country
    Target language
    NC priorities

    The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition of Portugal has several objectives, including: 

    • Improving and facilitating access of the entire population when it comes to digital technologies. 
    • Promoting basic digital skills and modernising education and training systems. 
    • Promoting digital skills and lifelong learning from an early age
    • Qualify and requalify for employment in the information and communication technology (ICT) sector. 
    • Resizing the educational and training offer in the sector through the creation and updating of qualifications, which are integrated in the National Qualifications Catalogue and matched with the demands of the national labour market.
    • Encouraging specialisation and requalification in the ICT sector by professionals in other areas, as well as the adoption of flexible training systems and certification of digital skills.
    • Training qualified ICT professionals and expanding the talent pool to respond to the growing number of vacancies in all sectors of the economy.

    In pursuit of the objectives outlined, the Strategy and Action Plan for Digital Employability 2021-2026 will be implemented through measures, initiatives and actions around the axis of the INCoDe.2030 Program. 

    NC partners

    37 entities, from the government to a variety of public and private entities, associations, companies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), university centers and industry confederations.