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Riga TechGirls has launched its first program that is available to anyone internationally. The program, a digital masterclass called Digital ABC, focuses on developing digital skills for those working in the NGO sphere. The program is free to attend thanks to a partnership with Google, and all participants are welcome, regardless of gender or geography.

The Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) reveals that only 56% of Europeans possess fundamental digital skills, encompassing abilities in information and data management, communication and collaboration, digital content creation, as well as security and problem-solving. Addressing this gap, the DigitalABC training programme specifically targets enhancing the digital skills of personnel within non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

The RTG initiative stands as a pioneering international endeavor. Previous RTG programmes were tailored for educational professionals, creative workers, and healthcare practitioners, collectively reaching over 22,000 participants.

"Operating within a non-governmental organization, we are acutely aware of the inherent challenges in our daily operations and how digital skills and tools can effectively surmount them. These skills can amplify teamwork efficiency, foster collaboration among partners and target audiences, and preserve the most invaluable resource – time. Hence, we extend our gratitude for the confidence vested in us by, as evident in the establishment of the Digital ABC programme for non-governmental organizations, affording us the opportunity to step onto the global stage!" – Paul Siliņš, Co-creator of Riga TechGirls

The programme will be conducted online in English, focusing keenly on the most pertinent skills required by non-governmental organizations in their day-to-day activities. The curriculum comprises a series of master classes segmented into four modules, encompassing subjects such as project management, data management, digital tools, and emerging technologies.

The Digital ABC programme lends its support to the "Google Impact Challenge: Tech for Social Good", which endeavors to bolster projects dedicated to fortifying a "more resilient Europe."

Participation in the training is completely cost-free and is scheduled to transpire from September 18 to December 6, 2023. Presently, applications have been initiated, and individuals of all genders and locations are encouraged to apply via


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