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EU projects - the key to bridging the digital skills gap in Europe

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Reaching the Digital Decade objectives by 2030 requires a true European effort that leaves no one behind. During the webinar EU funded projects - The key to bridging the digital skills gap in Europewe heard outstanding stories on how organizations are partnering up to train Europeans and finally bridge the digital skills gap:

  • As non-digital native, people aged +65 years require specific and accessible trainings. The ICT4Elderly project aims at training the elderly with the necessary skills to be part of the digital society and for them to smoothly use the health and care services being offered online.
  • Every digital transformation requires the ability to process a great amount of data. EUHubs4Data is closely cooperating with Digital Innovation Hubs to deliver their catalogue of trainings to businesses and workers wishing to master and analyse data sets. 
  • As manufacturing represents the primary engine of European recovery and growth, a great push is being given to the digital technologies that can make the sector more resilient and competitive at global scale. The SectorSkillsStrategyinAdditiveManufacturing is siding with manufacturing industries to create ad-hoc curricula for those businesses wishing to implement Additive Manufacturing, aka 3D printing, in their every day operations and make production more timely and efficient. 
  • Enhancing citizens´ wellbeing through digital technologies is a concrete challenges for all actors of the society. The DevOps project has created an holistic competence framework to become a Smart Cities Expert. The trainings target the technology supplier, the demand side (public administrations) and citizens representing the end-users.
  • For a truly inclusive digital transformation, the Social Hackademy addresses people from disadvantage backgrounds. The trainings aim at transferring the basics of digital technologies to feel confident in the digital society.

The recording of the event is available for you in the facebook page of the @DigitalSkillsEU. Questions for the pitchers or on the projects that were presented? Leave your comments and questions here!

Do you feel inspired for the next project idea? You can learn more about multiple EU funding opportunities and how to network with the Partner for DIGITAL Skills Networking Group