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Exploratory Session: AI Literacy & Basic Digital Skills Training

On 19 July, DigiCo will be hosting the second episode of the 'Digital Inclusion event series: Back to Basics'.

During this session, they will gather questions and concerns about AI literacy for trainers using a collaborative approach and a concept focused on learning how to learn.

AI literacy is a complex issue due to the rapid changes Artificial Intelligence brings to the digitally-driven society. To tackle this, DigiCo invites members of their Community who work in adult education to share their perspectives as trainers and serve as the voice of their students on this topic. The format of the event will be a roundtable in which participants share their thoughts on the following questions:

  • What do students think about Artificial Intelligence?
  • Are you using Artificial Intelligence into your training, or do you have ideas for implementing it?
  • How should AI literacy be approached?

This session aims to provide insights into developing a co-created approach that considers both trainers’ and trainees’ perspectives on AI Literacy. Following the event, a FAQs document on AI Literacy & Basic digital skills training will be created, incorporating inputs from experts on the topic. This document will be shared with all participants.