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DigComp-CERT is one of the first easily accessible, inclusive and comprehensive system to certify digital competences based on the DigComp Framework. It was developed in 2021 after more than two years of iterative improvement and selection of items by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs and the association fit4internet and it was released in 2022.

DigComp-CERT consists of an online test on digital general knowledge for everyday life and work (fit4internet Dig-CERT), from level 1 to 5, as well as an individual assessment of formal, informal or non-formal digital competences referenced to the DigComp Framework.

The availability of these components (test and individual assessment) is important because digital competence profiles can vary greatly. On one hand, all citizens need general digital knowledge and skills as defined in the fit4internet Dig-CERT, to navigate confidently every day life and work using digital services. On the other hand, individual assessment of digital competences (which is not mandatory) provides citizens with the opportunity to show in which area and to what extent they have acquired specific digital knowledge and competence.

This inclusive certification system is accessible for any Austrian citizen who wants to certify their digital competences independently, from the age of 15.

It is equally suitable for:

  • people who have a low digital skills level and want to change that,
  • people of any age and in any professional position who want to know where they stand regarding their digital skills,
  • people who want to certificate their digital skills (e.g. for job applications),
  • anyone who is interested in continuously expanding their own digital competences,
  • HR managers who want to be guided by a framework for (further) development of digital competences of their employees, organisations that want to present digital competences of their employees internally and externally in a standardized way.

In 2021, over 800 people registered on the DigComp-CERT platform, and more than 200 certificates were issued. In 2022, the project aims to optimize and disseminate the DigComp-CERT and further develop and manage the DigComp items.

The system of DigComp-CERT is not only based on the DigComp Framework, but also EQF/NQR compatible and developed in accordance to developments on EU-level (EDCI/Europass etc.) and can therefore be applied in any other European country.

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