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Good Practices

eUPRAVA is an online governmental initiative by the Government of Slovenia, supported by the Ministry of Public Administration, that integrates several public services under a single portal.

On eUPRAVA, citizens can find relevant, accurate and updated information according to their topic of interest or search.

The national initiative provides support to citizens in the following areas:  

  • Work and retirement: information on employees' and jobseekers' rights, approaches and pension scheme. 
  • Family, children, marriage: marriage and legal cohabitation rights, information on obtaining a birth certificate, and access to current legislation.
  • Social and health: information on enrolling into the healthcare system via insurance and financial social assistance.
  • Education and culture: cultural events and information about the Slovenian educational system for parents, who want to enroll their children.
  • Identity documents, certificates and travel: information on obtaining or changing ID card or passport, information on what a digital certificate is and how to obtain it, documents needed to obtain a visa, recommendations for traveling abroad. 
  • Real estate and environment: details on building permits and requirements
  • Transport and infrastructure: Registration of vehicles, information on works and repairs undertaken.
  • Taxes: guidance on filing tax returns and any relevant financial information. 
  • Agriculture and food: development of agriculture in rural areas, guidance for EU funding. 
  • Entrepreneurship: information on the requirements and checks needed to start a professional activity or business. 

This digital government toolkit has been accessible since November 2016 and includes information about requirements and procedures for public service delivery, but also provides access to electronic applications to different types of services in charge of the Slovenian state. Through the eUU module, citizens can get insight on their personal data, deposits, assets and cooperation with the state in one place. 

The project was conceived as the one-stop portal to grant access to public services, facilitate everyday life for the citizens and allow the government to keep track of the solicited services for statistical and operational purposes. With more than 200 electronic services and 30 state databases connected in four languages (Slovenian, Hungarian, Italian and English), the initiative is scalable and supported with relevant documentation to support government bodies in its adaptation and implementation in other contexts. 

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