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The Slovenian Digital Coalition - is a coordinated and consultative open forum of non-discriminatory stakeholders working in the field of digitalisation of trade and industry, smart cities, e-commerce, e-skills, e-inclusion, cyber security, internet and other areas related to developing the digital society. It includes stakeholders from trade and industry, science, education, public administration, public sector, local government and civil society that collectively support Slovenia's development and the implementation of the Digital Slovenia 2020 strategy


The Slovenian Digital Coalition ( contributes to the development of the digital society and exploits opportunities for development of ICT and the internet through a cross-sector multiplier impact. This entails a carefully coordinated digital transformation of Slovenia with the following objectives:

  • accelerating the digital transformation of Slovenia;
  • coordinating development policies and measures for capacity building among stakeholders in the digitalisation of Slovenia;
  • increasing economic performance and employment opportunities;
  • achieving synergistic and cross-sector multiplier development impact;
  • encouraging a greater uptake of ICT solutions, services and infrastructure, which will be based on open, secure, private, non-discriminatory access and will contribute to reducing environmental impacts;
  • improving digital literacy and digital competence across target populations according to identified gaps;
  • improving e-skills, e-inclusion and the overall quality of life for the population;
  • better integrating ICT in education and lifelong learning for inclusion in the digital society;
  • developing digital content and services in Slovenian, and for language technologies and resources in Slovenian;
  • increasing uptake of e-services (e-government, e-banking, e-health ...) and accelerated deployment of ICT within the public sector.


The Slovenian Digital Coalition - represents stakeholders established at the 11th Slovenian Business Summit, held on 24th November 2016, which highlighted digitalisation of the economy. At the 11th Slovenian Business Summit, the following organisations signed the declaration on the establishment of, and cooperation with, the Slovenian Digital Coalition -

  • CCIS in the name of Digital Economy partnership, representing all economic stakeholders
  • The Government of the Republic of Slovenia
  • Slovenian Rectors' Conference
  • Coordination of Independent Research Institutions of Slovenia (KOsRIS)
  • Association of Municipalities and Towns of Slovenia
  • National network of NGOs for an inclusive information society
  • Digital Champion - Marko Grobelnik

With the Slovenian Digital Coalition -, all stakeholders are gaining more effective digital skills for the development and digital transformation of Slovenia.

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