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National Coalitions

The Slovenian Digital Coalition (Digitalna Slovenija) was established in 2016 as a multi-stakeholder platform following a national-level agreement during the 11th Slovenian Business Summit on the topic of the digitalisation of economy. The Digital Coalition of Slovenia aims to streamline the country's digital transformation processes and support the Slovenian strategic framework adopted by Slovenia Digital Transformation Strategy  Digitalna Slovenija 2030, The Coalition brings together stakeholders throughout the public and private sector (trade and industry, research and development, civil society and public institutions). 

The scope of work covers not only Digital Skills and Jobs, but also Digital Economy and Regulations, i.e. the fields recognised as the most important to be covered by expert and multisector approach to accelerate the development of the digital society and exploits opportunities for development of information and communication technology (ICT) and the internet.

  The  Slovenian Digital Coalition aims to strengthen digital skills and increase the digital competences of European society and the workforce. It offers insight into European and national initiatives and actions in the field of digital skills and knowledge, training opportunities and career development support, good practice, expert advice, resources and tools, research-based data, facts and figures, funding opportunities, news, opinions and events. 

National coalition details

Target audience
Digital skills for the labour force.
Digital skills for ICT professionals and other digital experts.
Digital skills in education.
Digital skills for all
Geographic scope - Country
Target language
NC priorities

The National Coalition priorities are to: 

  • Improve overall computing knowledge and develop high-quality digital competencies including digital literacy across target populations according to identified gaps.
  • Improve e-skills, e-inclusion and the overall quality of life for the population.
  • Promote better integration of digital and information technologies in education, including the role of lifelong learning in terms of digital society inclusion. 
  • Accelerate the digital transformation of Slovenia. 
  • Coordinate development policies and measures for capacity building among stakeholders in the digitalisation of Slovenia. 
  • Increase economic performance and employment opportunities.
  • Achieve synergies and cross-sector multiplier development impact, greater uptake of ICT solutions, services and infrastructure, based on open, secure, private non-discriminatory access and contribution to reducing environmental impacts. 
  • Increase the uptake of e-services (e-government, e-banking, e-health), and accelerate the deployment of ICT within the public sector.
NC partners

Partners of the Coalition include: