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Astro Pi Project 2022/23

Astro Pi Project 2022/23

Start date 10/03/2023
End date 10/03/2023

Our pledge

The training workshop refers to the European Astro Pi challenge of the European Space Education Resources Office, ESERO of the European Space Agency, ESA. It concerns Primary and Secondary teachers who are interested in being informed about the projects: Astro Pi – Mission Zero and Astro Pi – Mission Space Lab. Astro Pi offers groups of students the opportunity to implement their projects and carry out their scientific experiments on the International Space Station ISS.



Our initiative

The workshop is three hours long and participation for teachers is free. In the workshop, teachers are directly involved in designing stem interdisciplinary approaches to develop skills for using digital technologies in their classrooms.

The development of students' coding skills is important for the development of advanced digital skills as defined by the Digital Decade targets.
Through the workshop, instructions will be given on how the teachers can support their students in writing python code.

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Digital Skills in Education New initiative
Astro Pi Project 2022/23
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Astro Pi Project 2022/23
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Initiative status
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