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RiseUp with ServiceNow

RiseUp with ServiceNow

Start date 24/01/2023
End date 31/01/2030

Nurturing people is how we grow our company and ecosystem while doing good in the larger community.

Europe is facing a digital skill and labour shortage, while unemployment is still a huge challenge in some countries. Through RiseUp with ServiceNow, we pledge to create alternative paths to employment for diverse and under-served communities and to enable employers to recruit, retain, and develop ServiceNow talent.

We are passionate about inclusivity because inclusive teams encourage ideas and innovation. Our company and our customers benefit from a diverse and global representation of genders, ethnicities, cultures, ages, mindsets, and abilities.

We have come together with our partners, customers, and universities to address the talent challenge in a different way, opening up the doors for everyone to participate in the digital economy. Uniquely RiseUp with ServiceNow is designed to fuel a new economy of in-demand, job-ready talent with an emphasis on faster, more equitable career paths in the high-growth ServiceNow ecosystem.

But rather than implementing quick-fix solutions to upskill people and fill job vacancies, the RiseUp with ServiceNow is a long-term initiative that identifies previously uncovered talent and equips them with the skills for tomorrow. Our commitment is to skill 1 million individuals globally on our platform via RiseUp with ServiceNow and Europe is one of the key areas we’re focusing on.

We have already brought together a wide range of tech employers from our partners and customers to join ServiceNow in tackling the skills shortage head-on.

By tailoring training programmes to meet their needs, participants in RiseUp with ServiceNow will follow a clearly-defined path to improve their career opportunities in technology and actively take part in the digital economy.

Pledge duration

Digital technology / specialisation
Digital Skills in Education New initiative
Skills Bootcamp in Service Design and Management with ServiceNow
Initative name
Skills Bootcamp in Service Design and Management with ServiceNow
Initiative status
Initiative status
Digital Skills for Labour Force New initiative
Developing digital skills for the digital economy, e.g. upskilling and deskilling workers, job seekes; actions on career advice and guidance.
Digital Skills for ICT Professionals New initiative
Developing high level digital skills for ICT professionals in all industry sectors.
Digital Skills for All Citizens New initiative
Developing digital skills to enable all citizens to be active in our digital society.