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young woman in business attire on a wheelchair, working at her desk in the office and smiling towards the camera

The International Labour Organisation (ILO)’s Global Business and Disability Network and Fundación ONCE from Spain have developed the report “An inclusive digital economy for people with disabilities” within the framework of Disability Hub Europe, a project led by and co-funded by the European Social Fund.

The report analyses how access to digital tools and to digital skills trainings influence the possibility for people with disabilities to thrive in the digital labour market. The challenges range from skill requirements and technological barriers to working conditions, such as low and irregular pay, long working hours or isolation.

The report identifies three elements that can support people with disabilities to engage in the digital labour market:

  1. Ensuring accessibility for people with disabilities
  2. Promoting digital skills amongst people with disabilities
  3. Promoting the digital employment of people with disabilities

Digital tools are playing a central role across the employee life-cycle and a strong focus in the report is on the need for inclusive and accessible technologies and trainings to be made available to all citizens.

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