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This report has been compiled by the Skills and Labour Market Research Unit in SOLAS(SLMRU) on behalf of the National Skills Council.

This report, Monitoring Ireland’s Skills Supply 2021, is the 15 th in a series of annual reports produced by the SLMRU aimed at monitoring the potential supply of skills to the labour market from Ireland’s education and training system. Not all education and training graduates will enter the labour market: some may remain in education for further studies, travel abroad, or not enter the labour market due to family commitments or other reasons. Others may already be in the workforce and therefore do not represent a new supply of skills. Bearing in mind these caveats, the analysis of the education/training outputs by level and field presented here is an overview of how Ireland’s education and training can contribute to meeting the skills needs of the economy.

For this reason, this report also provides an analysis of the skills profile of Ireland’s adult population.


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Digital skills for the labour force.
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