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The ySKILLS (Youth Skills) project is funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme. ySKILLS aims to assess how digital skills mitigate the risks and opportunities related to ICT use by 12-to 17-year olds in Europe and identify the actors and factors that can threaten or promote children’s wellbeing in a digital age.

This report presents the youth Digital Skills Indicator (yDSI), measurement tool with 31 questions covering digital skills and digital knowledge, thus being "the only measurement tool for youth digital skills that has been tested using the full range of validation practices".

An extensive preliminary research allowed the project to identify four dimensions that constitute digital skills:

  1. technical and operational skills;
  2. information navigation and processing skills;
  3. communication and interaction skills;
  4. content creation and production skills


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Digital skills in education.
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