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The Sound of Economics is Bruegel's podcast series that explores Europe’s big economic policy debates. Each episode gathers prominent experts and researchers to discuss a variety of issues and their implications and explores some of the work that Bruegel researchers have done in the area.

In this episode, entitled "Are robots taking our jobs?", Giuseppe Porcaro of Bruegel discusses with experts in Artificial Intelligence and robotics - such as Aaron Benanav, Laura Nurski, and Alexis Moraitis - about the future implications of robotics in the economy and jobs. In fact, many questions about the relation between automation and the future of work recently arose. For instance, what forces will cause the economy to grow and stagnate? What impact will AI and automation have on the economy? Is capitalism a sustainable economic model?

The content also benefits from the contribution of Bruegel research team, that have investigated broader aspects related to these topics, such as how advances in technology could impact the international political economy and the overall future of work and inclusive growth.

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