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The EPRS (European Parliamentary Research Service) Science and Technology Podcasts are punchy and thought-provoking podcasts that report on the latest science and technology developments, that analyse their policy implications and the impact they could have on our lives. Most of them are based on EPRS’s ‘What If’ series of publications.

This new podcast of EPRS questions the possible use of new metaphors for Artificial Intelligence (AI). In particular, it examines some challenges presented by the central metaphor of ‘intelligence’ in the technology, and whether metaphors for AI and its development emphasise competition at the cost of cooperation.

The debate around the question is very lively, and scientists and experts are wondering whether new metaphors could help us to articulate ambitious visions for AI, and new criteria for success. Discussions about AI are full of metaphors for both technology and its development. For instance, neuroscientists are concerned that metaphors reduce our brains to the status of computers, and make it difficult to imagine other conceptualisations of what a technology does, and how. Likewise, metaphoric thinking elevates our software to the status of our minds. This poses several risks for AI development.

Listen to the podcast to know the rest! 

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