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Resources is a cryptocurrency company which provides users with a platform to hold and manage cryptocurrency assets. The Blockchain Explorer provides them with high-level data (such as: daily number of transactions, transaction volumes, estimated hash rate and prices) – often for the last 24 hours. Prior to the introduction of the Blockchain Explorer in 2010, users had difficulties investigating the transactions within a Blockchain. The Blockchain Explorer is a webpage dashboard which compiles data and real-time transaction analytics on the cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash, helping analysts and investors estimate the performance of a coin. Other uses include searching for specific transaction IDs using Blockchain Explorers. The Explorer dashboard includes links to a podcasts which provide users with insights and analysis from experts in cryptocurrency.

Why use Blockchain Explorer? 

For a beginner, the Blockchain Explorer dashboard may be a little overwhelming as it provides users with a lot of real-time information. However, once you have a better understanding of the data and analytics provided by the Blockchain Explorer, it becomes a very valuable resource for discovering information on Blocks and cryptocurrencies. For example, users can use a Blockchain Explorer to discover the moment a new bitcoin block is added to the market and can trace the transactions within that block. 

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