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The Complete Guide for Types of Blockchain

The Complete Guide for Types of Blockchain

With the rising popularity of Blockchain technology, many firms have begun adapting the different types of the technology to meet their different requirements. In this tutorial, Simplilearn explains what Blockchain is and dives into the four major types of Blockchain (Public, Private, Hybrid and Consortium Blockchain) - detailing their characteristics, and comparing their advantages and disadvantages. 

What is Blockchain?

For example, Hybrid Blockchain is cost-effective as transactions are quick and scalable, while a Public Blockchain has scalability issues because its transactions take time to process and complete. The tutorial also examines what each type of blockchain technology is used for. For example, Private Blockchain is used for supply chain management and Consortium Blockchain is used for banking and payments. 

Blockchain is used for cryptocurrency transactions such as Bitcoin. For those who are curious to learn more about blockchain technology, its adaptations, and different types of cryptocurrencies, the Simplilearn platform also offers a Blockchain Certification Training programme

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