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'Building a brain in 10 minutes' is an online resource by NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute, which offers hands-on training in AI, accelerated computing and data science. The resource is structured in the form of a digital 'notebook' and offers a short tutorial for those, who already possess some knowledge of neural networks and machine learning techniques. 

Artificial neural networks (or neural networks, in short), are computing systems that mimic biological neural networks - such as the one of an animal brain for example. A neural network comprises of connected units (or nodes), called artificial neurons. These also mirror loosely the neurons in a biological brain. The resource may be useful to anyone with an interest in coding or machine learning. At the same time, an understanding of fundamental programming concepts in Python 3 (functions, loops, dictionaries, arrays, etc), as well as some knowledge of computing regression lines would be beneficial.  

The tutorial explores the different ways in which neural networks use data to learn and helps to understand the math behind building an artificial neuron. 

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An online resource in the form of a digital notebook, which covers the basics of building artificial neural nodes, for participants on intermediate level. 

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