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Cybercampus Sweden is a proposed national initiative founded and supported by KTH, RISE and SwAF to strengthen Sweden's digital security and resiliency. Cybercampus Sweden’s mission will be to combine the knowledge and expertise of individual universities, institutes, and agencies to carry out cutting-edge cybersecurity research, education, and innovation vital for building a resilient Swedish society and train experts in cybersecurity. The initiative will complement other existing national cybersecurity initiatives such as National Cybersecurity Center, Swedish NCC, CyberNode, and CDIS - which are also being managed by the campus’ core team.

In addition to the founders, the planning group now also includes MSB, Karlstad University (SWITS), Ericsson, and Saab.

Areas of focus

Cybercampus Sweden will focus on developing 6 areas: 

  • Research: identifying, executing, and coordinating cross-university research on relevant topics for Swedish civil and military cyber defence and industrial competitiveness.
  • Education: aiming to build capacity for cyber workforce training and facilitating new cross-university cybersecurity programmes by harnessing the specific expertise of the different universities involved.
  • Innovations: creating a workplace for academia, agencies, and industry in order to build a strong cyber innovation environment in Sweden through coordinated educational programmes and research initiatives.
  • Infrastructure: establishing a unique national infrastructure for cybersecurity research that will work in tandem with innovative actors such as CRATE at the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI) and the RISE Cyber Range.
  • Collaboration: boosting the visibility of joint research, funding and innovation in Sweden on an international scale, and highlighting the availability of cybersecurity research infrastructure in order to strengthen Swedish cybersecurity. 
  • Funding: using the combined expertise of Cybercampus Sweden members to apply for and lead EU-funded projects on digitalisation and cybersecurity that are often out of reach for smaller research groups. 

Ongoing activities

Currently, Cybercampus Sweden is working on the following: 

  • Join the Working Group: Cybercampus Sweden is inviting all universities and interested organisations to join the campus Working Group to help shape the proposed initiative. 
  • Developing the cybersecurity research and education roadmap for Sweden
  • Determining the location of the campus 
  • Organising workshops to involve a variety of different stakeholders and potential partners from academia, industry, the public sector


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