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This explanatory video takes users on a journey through the history and application of big data and its evolution in the last two decades. Big data had a huge impact on the global economy, and this is projected to increase further. With recent technological innovation and big data development, storing of information has become a lot cheaper, and using and owning information has gone up in value. Big data is now the world's most valuable resource, overtaking oil and petrol. This short animation will show you why big data is important and give you some practical tips so you can explain it in your own terms.

The resource is suitable for children, teenagers, parents, teachers and grandparents, or anyone interested to know more about the differences between personal and big data and digital media literacy in general. The educational video is an excellent starting resource for anyone who wants to understand what big data is and what it means - in under four minutes. 

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An explanatory video on big data for children and adolescents. 

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