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The National Academy for Digital Skills (NADS), also known as Εθνική Ακαδημία Ψηφιακών Ικανοτήτων -  is a significant initiative within the Ministry of Digital Governance in Greece. Operated in collaboration with GRNET S.A. (National Infrastructures for Research and Technology), NADS is dedicated to addressing the increasing need for high-quality digital education. The academy places particular focus on fostering cybersecurity skills among the Greek population.

National Academy for Digital Skills (NADS) and Cybersecurity

In the realm of cybersecurity, the National Academy for Digital Skills assumes a range of crucial responsibilities, each contributing to the strengthening of digital resilience and the development of a proficient cybersecurity landscape. These responsibilities encompass diverse dimensions.

Designing and Implementing Initiatives

The Academy assumes a leadership role in conceptualizing and implementing national initiatives strategically centered on cybersecurity education. These initiatives are carefully designed to not only improve digital literacy but also foster a strong sense of digital citizenship. Moreover, they offer valuable opportunities for digital upskilling and reskilling, seamlessly integrated within the framework of cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

The Academy actively participates in the creation of specialized Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) specifically designed to tackle the dynamic challenges within the realm of cybersecurity. These courses, carefully aligned with the rigorous European Frameworks on Digital Competences, guarantee that participants gain not only pertinent but also current skills in the continually evolving field of cybersecurity. Through close collaboration with acknowledged institutional and market leaders, NADS broadens its impact by hosting MOOCs that offer specialized content on cybersecurity. This collaborative effort enables access to cutting-edge expertise from reputable sources, enhancing the Academy's comprehensive cybersecurity education.

Participation in Cybersecurity Projects

The National Academy for Digital Skills (NADS) has a key role in National, European, and International Digital Transformation projects, with a specific focus on cybersecurity. The Academy serves as a valuable consultant, offering insights into methodologies for developing effective cybersecurity skills profiles. At the same time, it actively collaborates in the creation of educational content that seamlessly aligns with the rigorous European Frameworks.

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