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A repository of over 70 Open Educational Resources (OER) was created within the context of the DOMINOES (Digital cOMpetences INformatiOn EcoSystem) project with the objective to improve the media and information literacy of teachers and students, strengthen resilience against disinformation, and contribute to innovative higher education and vocational trainings.


The OER is structured into 5 sections, which each include subsections:

  1. The information environment from a security perspective: trends, threats, vulnerabilities, and future challenges
    1. Conflict and its manifestation in the information environment
    2.  Legitimate and illegitimate use of information and persuasion in the information environment
    3. Case studies of hostile narratives and conspirary theories by authoritarian state and non-state actors
    4. Evaluation module 1
  2. Understanding the current challenge of disinformation and information manipulation: macroenvironmental and individual aggravating factors
    1. Fact or opinion? The exploitation of errors of judgement and group vulnerability in the digital era
    2. Political and social factors: polarization and decline in trust in expertise and authority 
    3. Technological developments and their impact on opinion formation
    4. Evaluation Module 2
  3. Mitigating the threat and building resilience to disinformation
    1. Transnational and regulatory responses to disinformation / FIMI and resilience building
    2. Critical thinking, media and digital literacies
    3. Fact-checking, argument-checking, debunking and pre-bunking
    4. Evaluation Module 3
  4. Advanced analytic and responding toolkit
    1. Strategic, anticipatory, and current analysis of disinformation and information-led hostile influencing
    2. Tech-driven solutions and emerging technologies to counter disinformation
    3. Planning, design, and implementation of counter-narratives and positive content
    4. Evaluation Module 4
  5. Simulation exercises, serious and wargaming to combat disinformation
    1. Debunk simulation
    2. Deepfakes against Deepfakes
    3. Pathway to victory


DOMINOES is an Erasmus+ funded project whose main goal is to help citizens recognise, evaluate, and react appropriately to disinformation online. The consortium of partners who developed the OER includes: “Mihai Viteazul” National Intelligence Academy (MVNIA) in Romania, Ciberimaginario Research Group of the University Rey Juan Carlos in Spain, L-Università ta’ in Malta, and New Strategic Center in Romania. The project specifically targets university professors and M.A. students of the partner universities.

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