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AI across different sectors and regions in Europe - World Café

Virtual Live

In the context of the European Week of Regions and Cities (#EURegionsWeek), H2020 ICT-49 Project "AI4Copernicus", H2020 ICT-49 Project "AIPlan4EU", H2020 ICT-49 Project "BonsAPPs", H2020 ICT-49 Project "DIH4AI" (DIH4AI), H2020 ICT-49 Project "I-NERGY" and H2020 ICT-49 Project "StairwAI" are organising a workshop "AI across different sectors and regions in Europe - World Café" on October 13, from 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM.

Artificial Intelligence can provide great value to businesses, public organisations and many more by transforming processes and enabling the implementation and development of new products and services. This world café targets a broad audience from all sectors looking to learn more about AI, available funding and support, discuss challenges and solutions in AI solution development and adoption or make new connections.

It aims to connect European regions, organisations and industries to facilitate access to and increase awareness of a variety of European resources available for adopting AI in businesses (especially SMEs) and for developing AI solutions. The café will encourage discussions on the opportunities and challenges associated with the adoption of AI, as well as how to best support and connect with different European regions, organisations and industries.


  • Urszula Sobek, Speaker for Session 2 - Overview of funding opportunities, StairwAI (FundingBox)
  • Izabela Zrazinska, Speaker for Session 3 - Overcoming challenges in AI adoption and development in businesses (SMEs) with funding and support from EU initiatives, BonsAPPs (FundingBox)
  • Miguel De Prado, Speaker for Session 1 - Introduction to AI and use case examples, BonsAPPs (Bonseyes)
  • Mayte Carracedo, Project Coordinator I4MS, partner and business developer FundingBox, FundingBox


  • Iraklis Klampanos, Research Associate at NCSR DEMOKRITOS, NCSR DEMOKRITOS

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Digital skills for ICT professionals and other digital experts.
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