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Digital Assembly 2022

Event location
Toulouse, France

The Digital Assembly 2022 is co-organised by the European Commission and the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union. This two-day event will take place on 21 and 22 June, online and in Toulouse. It will particularly focus on issues related to EU sovereignty and autonomy

Given the uncertain circumstances in the world currently, Europe is confronted with questions about its positioning regarding securing European values, addressing societal challenges in the most effective way, and ensuring prosperity and opportunities for European citizens. Throughout difficult circumstances like the COVID-19 pandemic, technology has proven it can keep societies and economics going, while also maintaining the promise of breakthroughs in health, energy, and mobility. However, increasing reliance on technology has highlighted Europe’s dependencies on other regions for raw materials, energy, and crucial components. 

The Digital Assembly 2022 conference will delve into these key issues and try to discover answers for the future. The conference will start with four workshops, followed by the plenary session, which will feature a range of high-level and inspirational speakers from the digital sector, policy makers and academia.

Workshop - Investing in people: getting the skills for the digital decade

Among others, a workshop on digital skills and the Digital Decade targets will take place on 21 June, 10:00 – 12:30.

This workshop will focus on how to reach the Digital Decade Target for skills, and in particular how to reach 20 million ICT specialists by 2030, with gender convergence. This discussion will contribute to the stakeholder consultation on the ongoing Structured Dialogue on digital skills and education.

The workshop will start with a panel discussion to introduce the topic. Speakers will share their experience, highlight good practices and describe challenges. During the breakout sessions participants will get the possibility to work with others in smaller groups. They will be asked to put forward ideas on what the EU, national governments and stakeholders should do to reach the Digital Decade targets. Participants will have a chance to discuss, network and share their opinions, exchanging ideas to find best practices on the subject.

As a result, the workshop should yield suggestions for actions that could be taken at EU or national level to contribute to reaching the Digital Decade targets for ICT specialists as well as increasing the number of sectoral experts using advanced digital technologies


The programme of the workshop

10:00 – Welcome and intro - Alexander RIEDL, Deputy Head of Unit, European Coommission

10:10 – 1st Panel: What is the most important challenge for Europe when it comes to digital skills? 

10:40 – Breakout session 1: Identify challenges 

11:15 – Breakout session 2: Identify solutions 

11:35 – Reporting 

11:50 – 2nd Panel: How to bridge the digital skills gap in Europe? 

12:20 – Conclusions and goodbye 

How to register for the event?

Discover the full programme of all the workshops and the plenary sessions.

Register here and follow the instructions below:

1) You first need to create a new account on the French presidency platform for delegates (in case you don't have that profile yet).
2) After you create the profile, you sign up for the event. You will need the following codes:

Delegation: NUMERIQUE324.participants

Access Code: kX5N@g+HLHSk


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Digital skills for ICT professionals and other digital experts.
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