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Information security in the structure of education - Conference

Virtual Live

Organised by Polish organisation SIODO (Stowarzyszenie Inspektorów Ochrony Danych Osobowich), the conference "Information security in the structure of education" will take place on 23 March 2023 with a wide program and 4 panels on different aspects of the debate on the topic and its implications for the Polish labour, business, and IT sectors. 

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Please find more information on the detailed panels and topics discussed below. 

Panel I – Problems of Information Society and Information Security

  1. Legal and organisational aspects of information security in the example of a large organisation – Tomasz Józefko- SIODO
  2. Information as a public (un)awareness – Dr Hab. Hanna Batorowska,Military Academy

Panel II – Respect for fundamental rights and freedoms/dignity/person under data protection law

  1. E-Information Storages on the example of digital devices – Piotr Kitela, SIODO
  2. Concept of developing education with respect for rights and freedoms in structural terms [model] – Jarosław Feliński, SIODO

Panel III – Phenomenon to the detriment of the performance of Supervisor

  1. Case study on the execution of ODO advisory tasks in the SFP – Bogdanna Krupinńska and Dawid Czerw,SIODO
  2. Analysis and conclusions on the application of personal data protection rules in Poland – 2018/2023 – Daria Bartnicka, SIODO

Panel IV – Public aspects of awareness raising on data protection and cybersecurity

  1. New qualifications for the security of digital solutions – Beata Ostrowska, Sectoral Board Competences – IT, eduTech Institute, Andrzej Gontarz, Sectoral Council for Competences – Computing 
  2. Is it necessary to develop new cybersecurity education and competence development programmes? Recommendations for the development of cybersecurity competence developed by the European Union Agency for the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) and the US National Institute of Standards and Technology – NIST – Tomasz Klekowski – Sectoral Council Competences Telecommunications and Cybersecurit
  3. Cybersecurity education in Polish schools – new implementation opportunities – Danuta Morańska, Wyższa Szkoła Humanitas, Upper Silesian Branch of the Polish IT Society
  4. What is the legislative tsunami and why cybersecurity is in the wave – Dr. Rafał Prabucki, University of Silesia

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