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Emerging Technologies

Single offer

Emerging Technologies is the second course, developed under the framework of the Digital SkillUp initiative - a project that supports the learning pillar of the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform and aims to make basic knowledge of emerging technologies available and accessible to all European citizens and businesses. Similarly to the first course of the initiative, the Digital Revolution, Emerging Technologies applies non-technical language to illustrate essential concepts, underpinning each type of technology. 

Details of the course

The course dives into the topic of emerging technologies, from their history and evolution, to projections on their future impact on jobs, businesses and social life. To illustrate these concepts in closer detail, three emerging technologies are explored in depth with multiple real-life examples from various industries and personal applications. The course is split in 5 chapters, each dedicated to one emerging technology type, an introduction and a conclusion, which encourages learners to reflect on the implications of emerging technologies on the world of work and day-to-day life. Chapters are further broken down into sections of bite-sized information (up to 45 minutes each). The course showcases the following technologies: 

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is a network of electronic devices (or 'things'), which contain sensors, software, and other technologies, connected to the internet in order to exchange data and interact with other devices and people. With more and more devices connected every second, developments in IoT technology bring benefits in terms of productivity and efficiency. In addition, many environments are getting ‘smart’: smart home, smart farm, smart school, smart cities - and IoT is a key element enabling this phenomenon. This course explores the Internet of Things: its essential elements, prerequisites and characteristics, and its various applications to show the impact of the technology on key industrial sectors, and how it is transforming day-to-day life. 


Chapter 3 of the Emerging Technologies course dives into the topic of robotics, especially in the context of automation. It takes learners through the development of the robotics field, its interdependence with Artificial Intelligence (AI), and its various applications: from lawn mowers and robotic vacuum cleaners, to robots used in manufacturing (industrial robots) and healthcare. 

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality / Mixed Reality

Augmented, virtual and mixed reality are interconnected and digital interfaces are evolving at a rapid pace. The chapter, dedicated to these technologies explores their applications way beyond the gaming and entertainment industry. AR/VR and MR nowadays enable training providers to deliver content remotely, doctors to perform surgeries from afar and enables a variety of innovative approaches and designs. 

Each chapter, dedicated to a type of emerging technology also dedicates a section on possible job roles and career outcomes stemming from each field. By the end of the course, learners will improve their understanding of emerging technologies and the ways they can interact to complement each other. They will also be able to describe the potential career prospects and consider further study into the topic.

The Emerging Technologies course establishes a general understanding of what emerging technologies are and may be in the future, providing an overview of the impact, applications, and implications as a whole.

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Digital skills for the labour force.
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