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Programming and Development

Programing & development iconProgramming is becoming a crucial skill in the current job market and fundamental to digital transformation. However, Europe faces a major talent shortage. Companies face difficulties in filling the increasing number of job vacancies, in particular, with qualified developers.

According to Eurostat, in 2020, just 19% of all enterprises with at least 10 employees and self-employed people in the EU employed ICT specialists. Nevertheless, 58% of these enterprises reported that they had problems filling vacancies requiring relevant ICT skills.

In order to tackle the skills gap in programming and development, several initiatives have been implemented across Europe, focusing on raising interest in programming and providing training opportunities for the workforce. Among others, the EU Code Week is a grassroots movement that makes programming more visible and easy-to-learn to everyone.

Browsing through this page, you will find more information about these initiatives and training opportunities as well as other relevant resources on programming and development.

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