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Nowadays, digital competencies are in demand more than ever before. With digital solutions impacting almost all aspects of our everyday lives, more and more people seek support in developing a suitable skillset from basic to advanced level.

These learning needs create a big market for digital skills. However, with the global technological advancement growing at an exponential rate, learning courses need to be constantly kept up to date.

The Digital Skills and Jobs Platform offers resources that can help you keep your training content fresh and relevant. The latest articles and expert opinions will give you a better understanding of industry, digital innovation, and currently deployed technologies. Reports and statistics will reveal digital skills trends and translate them into concrete training needs. More information on this topic can also be found in the Careers section. Finally, you can make use of the Platform's training catalogue to benchmark your opportunities against other high-quality courses, review the market offer and find unexplored areas of knowledge which could be your future training niche.  

We also encourage you to join the Platform's Community. There, you will be able to share ideas and best practices with peer organisations, learn about concrete training needs directly from your audience, and promote your initiatives to other community members. Join us!