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Artificial Intelligence Masters supported by CEF

Europeans have finally new opportunities to learn about Artificial Intelligence (AI). Funded through the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Telecom programme, top-level universities, SMEs and research centres joined forces to design four brand new high-quality Master programmes on AI.

Building on the expertise of the partners in the consortia, four high-level Master programmes have been developed, focusing on human centric AI, AI ethics, AI for public sector and AI in healthcare. Students will have the opportunity to follow courses provided by the best experts in the field in different EU countries. The programmes will follow a highly practical approach that will offer hands-on experiences, opportunities to work closely with business partners and to learn on real case studies. Graduates will receive diploma issued by the universities that take part in the consortium.

Four brand-new high-quality Masters in AI

The four Master Programmes that will train hundreds of students in AI and specific AI applications are:

These 4 Master programmes are a first step towards the development of the EU high-tech networks for digital skills and specialised education. With a total budget of €580 million for digital skills, the Digital Europe Programme will enhance the development of additional education and training opportunities in AI, data, cybersecurity, high-performance computing, cybersecurity and or other advanced digital technologies.