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Find partners for the new call on Advanced Digital Skills: Digital Skills and Jobs Platform

Advanced Digital Skills - Digital Skills and Jobs Platform: Join the discussion and find project partners!

Objective: The EU internal market is facing a critical shortage of both basic and advanced digital skills. This initiative aims to bridge the digital skills gap in Europe by establishing and supporting National Coalitions and websites across Member States. Closely linked with the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform, the websites will facilitate the exchange of digital skills and job-related information, helping individuals access training opportunities and assist businesses in identifying skills needs and enabling cross-sector learning between National Coalitions. Fitting right in with the Digital Decade Policy Programme's targets by 2030, the call supports the digitization of key economic sectors, contributing to Europe's broader digital transformation.

Scope: This action aims to expand the reach of National Coalitions' websites established through previous calls in 2019 and 2020, and to support the establishment of new websites in Member States that do not yet have one.  Activities under this work strand include:

  • Develop and connect the infrastructures (websites) of National Coalitions for Digital Skills and Jobs that are not yet connected to the Core Digital Skills and Jobs Platform through interoperable interconnections, integrating and enabling exchanges with the Core Platform components. 

  • Provide access to national/regional/local actors and practices, building interoperable links to provide services relevant to the local context. 

  • Expand and engage National Coalitions for Digital Skills and Jobs that are already connected to the Core Digital Skills and Jobs Platform.

Funding:  2.000.000

Deadline: The application deadline is 29 May 2024, 17:00, Brussels time.

Call text: The call for proposal text can be viewedhere.

Call information: available on the Funding & Tender Portal.

Info session: On 12 March 2024, the European Commission will present the sixth round of the DIGITAL Europe Programme call for proposals in a dedicated Info Day and Pitching Event.

Find Project Partners & Prepare Proposals  

Do you want to find consortia partners and participate in this call?  

Simply use the Comments feature at the bottom of this tread to introduce your organisation, express your interest in creating or joining a consortia, indicate your desired role in the project, and provide a link to your Member Profile on the platform or your personal email address. You can see some organisations have already added their profiles below, so feel free to follow their lead! 

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Best of luck with your proposals!