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European Digital Skills Awards 2023

The European Digital Skills Awards 2023: Celebrating the best projects, stories and initiatives to promote digital skills in Europe

European Digital Skills Awards 2023 and cartoon stars around the text

How many people did you train in digital skills last year?

If you have an answer to this question, you are one of the thousands of experts and trainers that are currently helping Europeans acquire the necessary digital skills for everyday life and work.

From basic skills, such as using a computer or a tablet, to training ICT specialists in emerging technologies like AI, Blockchain and Data, there is a very lively crowd of organisations, trainers and teachers that are helping Europeans grow in digital. 

The European Digital Skills Awards 2023, relaunched this year after the last edition in 2018, recognise and promote  projects and initiatives that are supporting Europeans in all areas related to digital skills: we want to showcase those good practices and help everyone learn from one another. 

On 30 May we announced officially all the finalists and on 28 June the winners! 


Meet the winners!

June Lowery Knigston presenting the European Digital Skills Awards 2023


The wait is over! The winners of the European Digital Skills Awards 2023 were announced on 28 June: 6 projects from around Europe bring back the trophy for best practices in the 5 awards categories. 

On 27 June, in Brussels, the EDSA23 awards ceremony took place, with participants from the jury, the winners and representatives from the National Coalitions for Digital Skills and Jobs. June Lowery-Kingston, Deputy Director and Head of Unit at DG CNECT, European Commission, handed out the awards to 6 outstanding projects that are successfully supporting Europeans in getting the fundamental - and advanced - digital skills they need. 

Among the winners are very different projects and organisations: from private-public partnerships to local grassroots projects, from citizen organisations and local schools to EU consortia putting together high profile technical Universities, this year’s winners show a lively picture when it comes to digital skills in Europe.

"The level of the 330 entries in 2023, European Year of Skills, was extremely high, across all 5 categories. There are so many engaging projects happening all across Europe showing that digital skills are for everyone – regardless of age, gender, dis/ability, and location. Each of  these award-winning projects is each making a real difference in innovative and effective ways, offering potentially life-changing opportunities for girls, children, those with intellectual disabilities, and non-tech professionals."

June Lowery-Kingston, Deputy Director and Head of Unit at DG CNECT, European Commission

Curious about who had the hard task of selecting the 6 winners? Discover all about the selection process and the jury members here.

2023 is the Year of Skills!

logo of the Year of Skills with a big yellow starIt is a good year to restart the European Digital Skills Awards, also because 2023 is the European Year of Skills! 

The European Year of Skills puts skills centre-stage, to support people get the right skills for quality jobs and helping companies, in particular small and medium enterprises, address skills shortages in the EU is what this Year is all about.

How? By showcasing skills development opportunities and activities across Europe, by fostering easier recognition of qualifications across borders, by bringing organisations and people together to share their experiences and insights, and setting out how EU initiatives and funding possibilities can help.

Events and awareness-raising campaigns will happen across the EU, discover all about the European Year of Skills!

Discover the winners of the past editions of the European Digital Skills Awards

European Digital Skills Awards 2023The European Digital Skills Awards were organised for the first time in 2016 and were followed by two more editions, in 2017 and 2018. The National Coalition for Skills and Jobs has organised the prestigious event until this year's edition: in 2023 the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform is running the awards, always in collaboration with the European Commission and the National Coalitions for Skills and Jobs all around Europe. 

To find out more about the previous editions and the winning projects, we have compiled the list of projects and initiatives that have been awarded the prestigious Award. Some of the projects -most in fact- are still running and continue to produce an impact, empowering Europeans of all ages and walks of life to acquire digital skills, while some projects are not active anymore. 

Did you apply to the European Digital Skills Awards 2023?