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Luxembourg ranks 6th in the Human capital dimension of the 2022Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) due to its strong performance in digital literacy indicators, surpassing the EU average. However, there is a shortage of ICT specialists, which may hinder the country's digitalization efforts. Nonetheless, 64% of the population aged 16-74 possess basic digital skills, indicating progress in digital literacy.  

To address the challenges of digital inclusion and promote widespread digital transformation, Luxembourg has implemented various state strategies and national initiatives. The National Action Plan for Digital Inclusion 2021 serves as a concerted approach to combat the digital divide and foster inclusion in the ongoing digital transformation. The plan involves an inter-ministerial working group analyzing different aspects of digital inclusion and coordinating actions across various stakeholders. Additionally, the Government's "Digital Luxembourg" initiative have been actively committed to promoting and fostering innovative 5G solutions and actions on multiple levels. 

Moreover, the country's Recovery and Resilience Plan allocates significant investments to bolster digital skills development. It includes vocational training programs such as "Digital Skills" and "FutureSkills" to equip job seekers with relevant digital and managerial skills through online learning and apprenticeships. The plan also focuses on modernizing public administration and digitalizing public services to improve accessibility. Investments are also directed towards digitalizing the National Employment Agency (ADEM) to address labour market challenges, making processes more efficient and personalized for beneficiaries.  

Score in DESI Report Human Capital
EU average score: 48.45
Luxembourg score: 57.8
48.45 EU average score
57.8 Country score
20 35

Luxembourg ranks 6th in Human Capital out of 27 EU Member States in the 2022 edition of the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), with a score of 57.8.

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