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Good Practices

The Portuguese programme "Eu Sou Digital" aims to enhance the digital literacy of thousands of adults above the age of 45 with little or no contact to the internet.

This is achieved through a nation-wide network of 30.000 volunteers and 1.500 training centres throughout Portugal. The programme, which is set to run until the end of 2023, promotes digital inclusion by offering targeted trainings and support to people, who do not have much (or any) understanding of the internet.

Main objectives and aims 

Eu Sou Digital is meant for all adults, who have never used the internet, and equally, those using the internet without the basic digital skills, needed to do so (conducting basic research, sending emails, or going on social media). 

Subjects and topics covered include: how to create and manage an email account and online correspondence, how to search online, how to consult and utilise digital public services, and how to access other online services like home-banking, or going on social media. 

The initiative comprises of the following activities:

  • Setting up and monitoring of a National Network of 1.500 centres, including high schools, universities, polytechnical institutes, Private Social Solidarity Institutions, providers of adult education, “Qualifica” Formation Centres, etc.)
  • Developing and maintaining a National Network to support training activities made up of 30.000 young volunteers. 
  • Improving communication and raising awareness through advertising, events, media activities, a special Volunteer App, and maintaining a solid presence on social networks. 

To participate in the programme, be it as a student or a mentor, you need to reside in Portugal and be interested in taking at least 1 training session (of around 2 hours). 

Why is this a good practice?

The programme will improve the basic digital skills of more than 1 million adults by the end of 2023, making a significant and timely contribution to Portugal's progress according to the Digital Decade targets for 2030. It will largely reduce the number of people in Portugal left behind digitalisation, and therefore unable to make use of its benefits in terms of communications, access to information, or use of digital public services. 

The programme is a product of close cooperation between several stakeholders, from public to private partners throughout Portugal. The initiative is financed by Caixa Geral de Depósitos, and promoted by MUDA (Movement for a Universal and Digitally Active citizenship) with support from the Portugal Digital Mission Structure. It sustainability rests on a mix of co-financing, by Portugal Inovação Social, the Social Inclusion and Employment Operational Programme (POISE), and the European Union.

Good practice details

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Digital skills for all
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