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The project enables women aged 18 to 29 from vulnerable social situations to increase their level of employability, by training in the digital sector and thus able to acquire and develop their digital skills, reducing the social gap and, above all, the digital divide.

Technology and the internet are key resources for girls and young people, but the lack of opportunities and skills, and in many cases discrimination, prevent them from using these tools and create digital content in the same way as boys. If they do not have the same access to technology, women, girls and young people cannot participate at the same level in an increasingly digitally connected society. This lack of participation also affects their ability to demonstrate publicly and drive forward the changes they advocate. In addition, the low representation of women in the creation of tools and the design of digital content can exacerbate previous inequalities.

The digital divide also has a negative impact on countries’ growth and development potential. If 600 million more women and girls added to digital technologies over the years, this would mean an increase of EUR 11.000-15.000 million in overall GDP. All this demonstrates the importance of designing and implementing such projects, especially in the times we are living globally.

Women4IT brings many and many benefits:

  • It promotes youth employment.
  • It reduces the gap for digital specialists.
  • The participation of women and girls in digital jobs and ICT related professions is increasing.

In addition, it is a project involving a variety of actors, which shows the impact it has generated in a variety of environments because:

  • Based on industry demands, the opinion of relevant companies has been obtained.
  • It was based on the initial situation of each participant, thus involving society as a whole.
  • Training has been adapted on an individual basis.
  • Mentores who accompanied all beneficiaries during the process were involved.

Investing in training always brings value to society as a whole, benefiting all those who make up it.

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Digital skills in education.
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