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Digital Schools Awards

Digital Schools Awards

Start date 25/03/2021
End date 25/03/2023

Digital Schools Awards programme is a HP-led collaboration between governments, education and the technology industry to encourage and recognize schools’ self-reflection in using technology to support improvements in teaching, learning and assessment. The programme uses each school’s SELFIE data to identify key planning actions, to offer a Europe-wide framework for school self-improvement, to grow a community of practice and to recognize excellence. Digital Schools Awards is an organization independent of HP, headquartered in Ireland. They receive funding from HP’s global sustainability programme. Promote Recognise and encourage the effective use of digital learning technology in schools  Schools across Europe are recognised under the digital schools awards programme for the quality of their provision of technology for education purposes. The purpose of the programme is threefold:  to build on the already significant progress made by schools in digital learning and teaching and to encourage them to strive for further progression and improvement  to raise the profile of digital education practices in participating schools  to recognise the outstanding achievement of those schools that complete the programme Participating schools start their journey by undergoing a whole-school self-evaluation using the European Commission’s SELFIE tool. Schools are invited to register on the website where they will receive support and resources to create and implement a whole school development plan. During this time, schools are invited to upload evidence of good practice. When ready, schools can apply for recognition under the SELFIE Digital Schools Awards scheme. The award process is carried out in stages. 75 schools will be supported as part of this programme. Schools are offered the unique opportunity to link with others in the schools community for learning and shared experiences. Some schools will find it beneficial to speak to our digital education experts who are appointed to help schools on their digital journey. Representatives from each school will be invited to attend training webinars on how to use the SELFIE self-evaluation tool and what they can expect from participation in the programme. The Digital Schools Awards programme is supplier agnostic, by engaging independent education experts to work with schools on their development plans. The remit of the experts is to act as a ‘critical friend’ to the schools to advise, guide and support them on their digital journey, using their expertise in digital technologies. The experts are approved by our education partners (ministries or education authorities in respective countries).  The also validate the school submission when they are ready to go forward for the award through a validation report, which is shared with the school highlighting their achievements and providing recommendations for further development.

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Digital Skills in Education New initiative
Digital Schools Awards
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Digital Schools Awards
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Initiative status
Digital Skills for Labour Force New initiative
Developing digital skills for the digital economy, e.g. upskilling and deskilling workers, job seekes; actions on career advice and guidance.
Digital Skills for ICT Professionals New initiative
Developing high level digital skills for ICT professionals in all industry sectors.
Digital Skills for All Citizens New initiative
Developing digital skills to enable all citizens to be active in our digital society.