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The Campus Cyber, an initiative by the President of the Republic, serves as a pivotal hub for both national and international cybersecurity stakeholders. Bringing together over 160 participants, including businesses, SMEs, government agencies, educational institutions, and associations, the campus is aimed at federating the cybersecurity community and developing synergies between these different actors.

At its core, the Campus Cyber is dedicated to accelerating the development of a secure digital society. Anchored in principles of excellence and trust, the initiative convenes cyber experts to enhance vigilance, detection, and response capabilities against evolving threats. By actively encouraging collaboration and the sharing of threat intelligence, the campus aims to empower participants in navigating the intricacies of the digital landscape while showcasing the unique strengths of the French cybersecurity landscape.

Operating on four pillars – Conferences, Training, Innovation, and Operations – the Campus Cyber hosts a spectrum of events, from webinars to job fairs, creating a vibrant space for dialogue, skill-building, and innovation. This collaborative effort signifies not only a commitment to protecting digital spaces but also a dedication to propelling France towards a future characterized by resilience and innovation in the digital domain. As a beacon for French cybersecurity excellence, the campus represents a collective endeavor to shape a secure and innovative digital future in France and beyond.

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