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The DITA Project (Digital Industry Training Atlas) is an Erasmus+ funded project, which aims to provide visibility to Europe’s available training programmes that tackle critical digital transformation challenges in technical or sof skills domain. In doing so, the consortium of the project wants to connect complementary training schemes in Europe and increase the access to upskilling and reskilling training offers for the European workforce of today and tomorrow.

The project is aimed at:

  • Training providers that provide training opportunities in technical or soft skill domains

  • EU’s workforce looking for upskilling or reskilling opportunities in Europe

  • SMEs willing to strengthen their position in the new digital era by upskilling in several technological domains

The DITA Map

The Digital Industry Training Atlas Map (DITA Map) is a tool that enables the exchange of information among stakeholders, training providers and potential future students, offering information on relevant courses to increase skills and competences in the field of digital transformation in the European industry landscape. The Map provides visibility to the training programs offered in Europe through an accessible, online catalogue. The catalogue displays the connections established between training programs and their organisations, during the project and helps end-users to immediately identify and connect with the most relevant training organisations.

The trainings you can find in the map cover a wide variety of technological domains including: Robotics and autonomous system, IoT, Cybersecurity, Advanced or high performance computing, Data mining or big data, Augmented and virtual reality, software, ICT management, logistics and business systems and many other.



Digital skills resource details

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Digital skills in education.
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Geographic scope - Country
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Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) not further defined
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International initiative

An interactive map that helps end-users to immediately identify and connect with the most relevant training organisations and training offers in emerging technologies around Europe.

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Training curricula