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The STEP_UP Game Virtual Library is an open resource, which brings together a range of good practices and knowledge-sharing materials related to the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe, information-sharing, and digital skills. 

The project, which has received funding from the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, reflects the changing reality for many Europeans after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. One focus is on collecting, sharing and disseminating sound and credible information on the government and policy measures undertaken to minimise the impact of the pandemic on a regional or national level.

STEP_UP Virtual Library: open access to good practices

The aim of the Virtual Library is to offer a database of best practices with examples of their application in EU Member States as a way to promote open innovation and knowledge-sharing to prevent future crises. 

The Virtual Library is based on an extensive review in several EU language and the analysis of international and national sources and materials on COVID-19 and social measures on dealing with crises and emergency scenarios. These materials are now gathered in this virtual library, hosted in the STEP_UP website, available in English, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Croatian and Spanish versions, with over 200 entries fully open for consultation.

About the STEP_UP Project

The STEP_UP project is a European Erasmus+ project coordinated by SHINE 2Europe.

One key output of the project is an online game (training tool) to support professionals in the social sphere, community leaders, informal carers, caregivers and volunteers, in managing the impact of the emergency situation around the COVID-19 pandemic. The online tool helps to understand better the rationale between different government measures and differentiate between real and fake news. It also provides several opportunities for users to improve their digital skills. 

The toolkit and related database provides information on preventive measures, their projected effect, and impact at different levels – individual, at work, in the family, for the government, and society amongst others. While the game functions primarily as an educational one, it can also be used for recreational purposes and may be of interest to a variety of people. In the game, players have to stop a pandemic from spreading. 

Besides the gaming tool and the complete training toolkit, a manual on social and policy interventions will be delivered, that aims to offer target-group oriented guidelines and insights on early detection, preventive measures, healthcare and social care interventions, policy measures and communication. The manual will be completed with real-life oriented user stories, good practices and lessons learned.

Behind the project is a consortium of partners from 5 European countries: SHINE 2 Europe (project coordinator - Portugal), Afedemy (the Netherlands), ISIS Institut für Soziale Infrastruktur gGmbH (Germany), Wise Angle (Spain), and the Croatian Institute of Public Health

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A catalogue of external good practices from a range of individuals and organisations, based on individually-developed methodologies. 

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