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The Women4IT Employment toolkit is a practical resource which provides further insight into what types of jobs exist in the digital sphere, with the aim of preparing women for new careers in the field. The toolkit is designed for women under 30, not in education or training and with little digital or technological knowledge. However, it can be of use to anyone interested in embarking on a career in technology and finding out more about the technological ecosystem and the intersection of digital skills and employment.

With the help of the toolkit, learners can identify different profiles that exist in technology and job opportunities available worldwide. They also have an opportunity to join a community for upskilling support, access relevant self-assessment tools to evaluate their information technology (IT) skill level, and access training and employment opportunities close to them.

The toolkit focuses on eight in-demand job profiles in technology, based on thorough research encompassing seven EU countries and is an excellent tool to get those, who never thought a digital career would be an option for them, to consider what different opportunities exist. 

This practical resource aims to improve overall awareness of what it actually means to work in technology and why this should be considered an exciting career path. The toolkit offers a set of principles and recommendations to offer a good overview of the opportunities, advantages and challenges ahead. Learners can also find other various resources to help them upskill and develop their competences further.

Digital skills resource details

Target audience
Digital skills for the labour force.
Digital skills for all
Digital technology / specialisation
Digital skill level
Geographic scope - Country
Industry - field of education and training
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Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) not further defined
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International initiative

A methodological toolkit comprising of information on basic digital skills relevant for employment, upskilling opportunities and tips, digital tools and recruitment, recommendations for entering the workforce. 

Skills resource type
Other training material