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"Digital Transformation Program 2021-2027", (DT Program 2021-2027 or DTP), adopted by the European Commission in July 2022, is one of the seven sectoral programs which constitute the Greek Regional Development Corporate Agreement 2021-2027 (named as ESPA 2021-2027).

It will fund initiatives that will promote the digital transformation of Greek economy. In particular, it focuses on the uptake and integration of cut- edged technologies in everyday life, while at the same time it directs to digital skills development. Additionally, it contributes to the EU’s vision of “a smarter Europe by promoting innovative and smart economic transformation as well as regional digital interconnectivity”.

The DT Program 2021-2027, with budget more than nine hundred euro, is based on the following three main strategic pillars:

  • the digital transformation of Greek public sector with a total budget of EUR 400 million;
  • enhancing high-speed broadband digital connectivity with an additional EUR 400 million;
  • empowerment of digital skills with funding of EUR 113 million.

All initiatives, described in the DT Program, comply with the recommendations of the European Council and various EU funding tools such as the Digital Europe Program, the EU4Health Program 2021-2027, the Connecting Europe Facility 2021-2027, CEF II, Horizon Europe and Life. At national level, the DTP initiatives are aligned with the Recovery and Resilience Plan “Greece 2.0”, the National Development Program 2021-2027, and the other ESPA 2021-2027 programs.  

The DT P initiatives aim to:

  • provide  and upgrade digital public services and applications to businesses and citizens with respect to privacy, data protection, as well as accessibility
  • promote the interoperability of digital systems and services
  • develop digital platforms for supporting business
  • ensure ultra-high speed connectivity
  • meet digital skills needs, considering digital knowledge as a  supporting tool for the digital transformation of Greek economy

The Special Management Service of the "Digital Transformation 2021-2027" Program, is authorized as the relevant Administrative Authority and reports directly to the Minister of Digital Governance.

Αlignment of DT Program 2021-2027 with the Digital Transformation Book 2020-2025

The reference point for the DT Program 2021-2027 is the Digital Transformation Book 2020-2025, the main strategic document that sets priorities for the digital transformation of Greece, including objectives for digital literacy.

Since, the development of digital competencies and skills is generally accepted as an essential precondition for social prosperity, trustworthy public services and financial growth, the DTP aims to fund initiatives related to digital skills such as:

The upskilling of officials who work in general government: The long –term objectives of this action are: (a) to achieve the digital transformation of public administration, (b) to diffuse public digital services to all users, and (c) to use effectively digital tools and applications for teleworking and distance education, and (d) to promote the reallocation of public servants through the Unified Mobility System.

The development of Digital Policy Analyst branch: This is a new established inter-ministerial branch that will support specific functions of central administration bodies in digital transformation challenges.

The training of executives in the Ministry of Digital Governance: There is a need to establish a permanent mechanism in this Ministry to monitor the enhancement of digital skills in the Greece through the coordination, planning and monitoring public policies, regardless of the funding source.

The empowerment of basic digital skills in the general population so that citizens can use and exploit government digital applications and services.

Upskilling of employees and entrepreneurs to uptake and innovative digital technologies, cybersecurity etc in the production procedure, (with a quota for female employees).

The support of National Coalition for Digital Skills and Jobs in order to take actions at the national, regional and local levels aiming at: Α. Supporting the cooperation and synergies among  the members of the Coalition and B. Education and Training Initiatives.

The continuous enrichment of National Academy of Digital Competences with digital educational material. The long-term objective is to ensure free and unlimited access of citizens and IT experts to training programmes that develop their digital competencies.

More information about the Digital Transformation Program 2021-2027 can be found at the following link:…



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Digital skills in education.
Digital skills for the labour force.
Digital skills for ICT professionals and other digital experts.
Digital skills for all
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