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Grants for attendance at face-to-face training.

In order to help pupils financially with the costs they incur as a result of their participation in the face-to-face training activities of the Digital Talent Programme, and thus to facilitate their access to training, the ONCE Foundation has established a system of scholarships for training assistance.

The programme provides for an assistance grant for transport assistance which will be paid to all participants in general and will consist of a fixed amount of EUR 10 per day of attendance, paid only for the days on which the pupil actually comes to the action, which must be demonstrated by the participants. As a general rule, the grant will be paid on a monthly basis and may be modified during the implementation of the projects.

This grant will apply to all participants regardless of their place of residence, except in the following special situations:

  1. Participant residing in a province other than the province of the place where the action is delivered. The amount is set at EUR 35/day, the maximum payable in any case being EUR 700 per month.
  2. Participant with reduced mobility requiring adapted transport, or with special support needs of a third party. The amount is set at EUR 35/day, the maximum payable in any case being EUR 700 per month.
  3. Additional family reconciliation grant is set at EUR 13,45/day, in order to make it easier for the participant to reconcile his/her training attendance with the care of children under the age of 6. This fellowship may be awarded in addition to the standard EUR 10, or in addition to the exceptional EUR 35 in the case of point 1 or point

In all the cases described above, the supporting documentation required will be requested, accompanied by the model application to be provided for this purpose.

Under the Personal Income Tax Regulation, which lays down the procedure for calculating the deduction corresponding to earned income (of which scholarships are included), all these amounts are subject to a 2 % deduction under the legislation in force.

Click on this link to download the Training Fellowship Procedure

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Digital skills for all
Digital technology / specialisation
Digital skill level
Geographic scope - Country
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Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) not further defined
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