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Academia Nacional de CiberSegurança

The Academia Nacional de Cibersegurança in Portugal (ANCIBER) is a gateway to a successful career in cybersecurity. With over 400 trained cybersecurity specialists, the academy offers a unique training opportunity tailored to the Portuguese reality. With experienced instructors from national organizations, ANCIBER's hands-on model uses real attack and defense scenarios, supported by Portuguese technology. Disrupting the Portuguese cyber education landscape, its mission is to bolster national Cyber Sovereignty.

Get to know the Academy

ANCIBER stands out by producing course content adapted to the specific challenges faced by cybersecurity professionals in Portugal. The academy's teaching model focuses on real-world attack and defense scenarios, using cutting-edge technology developed in Portugal.

The academy boasts highly qualified trainers who actively work in the cybersecurity field, bringing practical expertise from national organizations. ANCIBER aims to disrupt traditional cybersecurity teaching models and provide resources to ensure national cyber sovereignty.

The academy's special course in cybersecurity addresses the challenges observed in practice, offering a practical and comprehensive training program. The intensive 8-month study plan integrates trainees without any IT background, providing strong cybersecurity knowledge and adaptability. Throughout the training, participants receive personalized guidance and support from experienced professionals. After completing the program, ANCIBER assists graduates in finding suitable job opportunities.

Study plan

This program is specifically tailored to accommodate individuals without any IT background, equipping them with the skills necessary for successful careers in the field. The study plan is divided into 6 phases, each serving a unique purpose.

The first 5 phases of the program are dedicated to comprehensive training and seamless integration into the labor market. Throughout this transformative journey, trainees benefit from the guidance and expertise of a team of seasoned professionals with diverse backgrounds. These experts provide personalized support, addressing the individual pedagogical needs of each trainee.

The final phase of the study plan focuses on specialized training, honing the trainees' expertise in specific areas of Cyber Security. This phase solidifies their knowledge and ensures they are well-prepared to tackle the industry's challenges with confidence.

Upon completion of the training program, participants are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully enter the labor market. ANCIBER goes the extra mile, providing ongoing support to facilitate trainees' integration into suitable job opportunities. The entire team collaborates to ensure the best possible outcome for each trainee.


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